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Like the culture pulse of your company
measures and evaluates.

kibun.iois an intuitive software that automatically measures the status of your corporate culture through employee surveys. Based on the data, you get clear insights into where action is currently needed in the company and which personnel investments such as events, workshops, etc. have really improved something.

What are we doing to help you?

Customized needs analysis


Together we invest 2 x 30 minutes to find out what's going on in your company.

Your results:

  • Clarity and overview of your HR and change projects

  • Know what you might still be missing in HR

  • An idea how you can make the projects measurable in 2 weeks.


feedback loop


Enable continuous feedback through a permanent partnership with us. There is a lot more available to you:

  • Every month a mentoring session with one of oursInnovation Architects, these accompany you at all times in the development of your corporate culture.

  • Holistic analyzes of corporate culture based on well-known modelsorganizational development.

  • Strengthen your employee engagement and employee loyalty to the company

  • This strengthens your employer brand

This is how helps to achieve more success in the HR department and in the company.

your benefits


Focus on the essentials

Introduced in a simple and time-saving manner, the weekly employee surveys integrate effectively into everyday work - for HR, management and employees. 

Crisp questionnaires, quick evaluations for more clarity and data-based decisions in your company. 


Continuous mood picture

Developed with occupational psychologists and based on scientific research, the questions provide an overall picture of the mood. Due to the continuity, mood swings can be traced back to individual events and the success of measures can be reliably tracked. 


on dates
follow actions

The digital and automated employee surveys show development potential. Thanks to the analysis in the integral competency model, the action steps are derived in a targeted manner. Qualified mentors will then support you in the implementation.

Produkt saves time and unfolds its potential in 4 simple steps:


1. Interview employees

All employees receive a link to a survey every week for four months by email or text message. This contains rotating questions on all aspects affecting employee satisfaction and engagement and takes just one minute to complete.


2. Analyze results

The results can be viewed in real time on the dashboard and enable situational analyses. You can see at a glance how work-intensive weeks, a change in management or similar affect the mood in the various departments and where there is potential for conflict.



3. Plan measures

Based on the results, a plan is drawn up after four months in order to take the right measures in a sensible, targeted manner and according to the company's situation. Assumptions become decisions for concrete investments in personnel and organizational development, which are based on the survey results.


4. Initiate improvements

In the last step of the process, data-based improvements in personnel and organizational development are initiated. You decide whether you use internal resources or call in an innovation architect from the network. After the implementation phase, the survey is repeated in order to measure and evaluate the success of the changes.


The founding team

  • LinkedIn

Anna Bauer

Supports companies in their development with passion and is convinced that only happy employees are high-performing.

danilo linkedin_edited.png
  • LinkedIn

Danilo Fink

Juggle with data until it reflects your company  and shows you concrete improvement potential and the next steps.

A clear vision

Happy employees

for sustainable companies


Innovative, dynamic, visionary: We know about the changes in the world of work and the needs of Generations Y and Z, which will determine the labor market in the near future. Our vision:Supporting companies in taking further development steps and raising the corporate culture to the next level in order to retain employees in the long term.With the Kibun software, we create a comprehensive and transparent analysis tool for entrepreneurs and HR professionals for the most diverse areas in the company that influence employee satisfaction. These are proven to have a direct impact on your company's productivity and bottom line. Knowledge is power. Only those who have enough information can act. And we also help with a strong network of coaches and consultants - the Innovation Architects.

Our Innovation Architects - an independent network that translates data into concrete steps


Robert Bulzomi

Referred to as a master trainer, he develops potential on the personality, team and company level for real further development.


Stefanie clicks

The transformation facilitator advises teams in change processes with an agile mindset, so that cooperation at eye level is successful.


Peter Werth

The management consultant and coach helps with a feel for people and forward-looking topics in human resources management.


Ursula Leitzman

Ursula stands for integral coaching: support for professional and personal development, authentic leadership across cultures and moderation with appreciative inquiry


Tina Gerbec

Tina focuses on people. With her empathetic nature and quick wit, she helps people to reach their potential.


Joachim Norf

As a certified business coach with over fifteen years of management experience in the field of human resources, Joachim accompanies you through the joint process in a mindful and humorous manner.


Franz Neumeyer

Holistic, global executive coach specializing in business coaching for global executives and multicultural leadership teams with a focus on family businesses. 


George Fish

Georg brings all his passion and experience to optimize collaboration between individuals through personal transformation and organizational culture.

Innovation Architects
These companies use to not "just" leave their corporate culture to their gut feeling.

the feedback
from practice

Kibun enables us to obtain continuous feedback from our employees. This enables us to react promptly to problems and resolve them. Kibun also enabled us to meet an expert who supports us in the implementation. We are excited to see what will change for the better in the future. Thanks to the whole team for the support.


Lisa Laimer

HR Manager at Telmekom

Tech People

Take care of the employees now,
that bring your company into the future.

Answer questions

  • How does the process work?
    In order not only to show the current mood in the company, but also to support companies in implementing measures based on the data collected, supports you in 4 steps. For the first 16 weeks, employees will receive a short weekly survey with changing questions on all factors that influence employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity. The results can be viewed and analyzed at any time in the dashboard. This is followed by a further 16-week implementation phase, in which the company has time to plan and initiate measures based on the analyses. Sentiment is also raised during this period. In order to be able to assess the success of the measures, the surveys are repeated over 16 weeks. In this way, the feedback culture is integrated into the everyday work of everyone involved in a simple but efficient way.
  • How and when do employees receive the surveys?
    Employees receive a convenient weekly email or SMS link to complete the survey. In this way, all employees are reached - regardless of whether they are at the PC, in production or on the go. The time can be chosen freely. It is important that the survey is sent out at the same time each week to ensure continuity and a meaningful picture of the mood. For the majority of companies, the surveys go out on Friday mornings.
  • Can the questionnaire be personalized?
    The questionnaire was developed with occupational psychologists and business coaches and offers a comprehensive basis for meaningfully analyzing all areas of a company. The time savings for the HR departments, the comparability of the data and the precision of the questions to avoid room for interpretation are reasons for a high-quality, fixed questionnaire. Each company also has the option to add a personalized question weekly for personalized insights.
  • On which models is the analysis of the data based?
    To evaluate the data, uses the Integral Competency Model as a common language between customers, Innovation Architects and the software. This scientifically based model, which has been used successfully in practice for decades, is the basis for looking at companies holistically and developing them in a targeted manner. The Integral Competence Model consists of the combination of the 4-quadrant model (AQAL) by Ken Wilbers and the Spiral Dynamics by Clare W. Graves. The 4-quadrant model Your company can be viewed from four different perspectives. The "inside" and the "outside" of an organization can be examined on an "individual" and on an overall "systemic" level. The resulting combinations define the four quadrants. The maturity levels of Spiral Dynamics show the corporate culture in addition to the four perspectives. This results in a holistic concept for personnel and organizational development.
  • What is the price structure of
    In the classic Software as a Service manner, issues annual licenses depending on the number of employees. Coaching services are charged as required. For an individual and non-binding offer, please contact
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