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Our Innovation Architects - an independent network that translates data into concrete steps


Robert Bulzomi

Referred to as a master trainer, he develops potential on the personality, team and company level for real further development.


Stefanie clicks

The transformation facilitator advises teams in change processes with an agile mindset, so that cooperation at eye level is successful.


Peter Werth

The management consultant and coach helps with a feel for people and forward-looking topics in human resources management.


Ursula Leitzman

Ursula stands for integral coaching: support for professional and personal development, authentic leadership across cultures and moderation with appreciative inquiry


Tina Gerbec

Tina focuses on people. With her empathetic nature and quick wit, she helps people to reach their potential.


Joachim Norf

As a certified business coach with over fifteen years of management experience in the field of human resources, Joachim accompanies you through the joint process in a mindful and humorous manner.


Franz Neumeyer

Holistic, global executive coach specializing in business coaching for global executives and multicultural leadership teams with a focus on family businesses. 


George Fish

Georg brings all his passion and experience to optimize collaboration between individuals through personal transformation and organizational culture.

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